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The following links are to those software and products known to be compatible with the maps and files produced and distributed by Offroading Home. There are also links to tutorials covering the use of GPS and mapping related software as well as information to enhance your enjoyment of the Off Road.

  1. The Land and Desert:
  2. Plants of the Mesquite - Bunkerville area - Cactus and succulents and more.
  3. Trail Difficulty Rating Systems - The several rating systems used in "Offroading Home" maps are described in detail.
  4. Forgotten Nevada Web Site - A great site by a couple of 'hard-core' offroaders (only minimally affected by all the sun) which focuses on Nevada ghost towns.
  5. Map/GPS Software:
  6. Latest version of Google Earth - Needed to use the files.
  7. Easy GPS - to pull data from your GPS, manipulate it and save it to .GPX file.
  8. GPS Visualizer - For file conversions, custom topo maps etc.. Use this link to automatically set basic file parameters: GPS Visualizer basic file.
  9. gpicsync - for Geocoding Photos.
  10. Trackmaker Free - for converting Google Earth files back to GPS files.
  11. DDS MapFinder for Google Earth - to find and download free topo maps for the entire continental US at Digital Data Services.
  12. Online waypoint converter - to convert from "minutes, seconds etc." to other data formats.
  13. Tutorials:
  14. Google Earth -
  15. Doing GPS: 201 - From GPS to Google (Part 3) "Mastering GPS Visualizer"
  16. Doing GPS: 105 - From GPS to Google (Part 2) "Using 'GPS Visualizer'."
  17. Doing GPS: 104 - From GPS to Google (Part 1) "using 'Easy GPS' to create a map file."
  18. Doing GPS: 103 - "From the Earth to the Moon", navigation controls and assets.
  19. Doing GPS: 102 - Making a map using Google Earth.
  20. Doing GPS 101: - Getting Google Earth 5.0, loading it and setting up prefrences.
  21. Doing GPS 201 - Intermediate - Using GPS Visualizer, converting file types, transfering files.
  22. Importing .kml files to your GPS
  23. Geocoding your photographs
  24. Understanding Petroglyphs -
  25. Interpreting Petroglyphs - Logandale
  26. Interpreting Petroglyphs - Hungry Man
  27. Interpreting Petroglyphs - Goats
  28. Interpreting Petroglyphs - Toquop Wash
  29. Interpreting Petroglyphs - Toquop Wash II

  30. .
  31. Map Downloads -
  32. Riding Seasons Downloads. - GPS tracks and maps made during rides in "snowbird season." Largely around Mesquite NV, and St. George UT.
  33. Specialty Maps Downloads - Miscellaneous maps digitized from books and other sources.

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