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Riding Season Map Downloads

The Offroading Home blog posts individual trail maps which support posts about each ride taken during a riding season. Because "snowbirding" seasons typically run from Nov - April in the warmer climates, that's the arbitrary grouping we choose to use. You will see sections of offroad trail maps for each riding season which list all the maps available for download from that seasons blog posts. Click on the map name to download the file.

  1. Available Map Downloads
  2. Riding Season 2011 -
  3. 01-Gold Butte Byway - The first ride in the 2011 season, around the Gold Butte Backcountry Byway.
  4. 02-Canyonlands/Virgin River Trail - A quick half-days ride down to the "Canyonlands" riding area and along the Virgin River to see the flood damage.
  5. 03-Virgin Mountains South - A full day's ride around and up the "back-side" of the Virgin Mountains into the area above Whitney Pockets.
  6. 04-Middle Gold Butte for Seniors - A full day's ride around the Middle Gold Butte riding area with the mobility limitations of seniors taken into consideration.
  7. 05-Jumbo Creek Mine and Historic Baylor - A full day's ride with the Kokopelli ATV club down into the lower Gold Butte riding area to the Jumbo Creek mine and return via the "back way" through historic Baylor town site.
  8. 06-SavannicMine.kmz - A real full day through some of the greatest granduer on Gold Butte – the Parashant Grand Canyon above Pidgeon Canyon. High cliff roads look down (way down) on red, sculpted cliffs and lead to a historic Mine.
  9. 07-Noodling on North Flats - A search up the washes of North Flats for an alternate passage to the washboard-laden Toquop.
  10. 08-Jumbo Creek Mine - A day-trip to scan the Jumbo Creek Mine tailings pile for metal, and reconoiter all the full-to-the-brim springs.
  11. 10-Devil's Cove-Horse Spring - A day trip to Devil's Cove, past Hell's Kitchen and Lake Mead before returning through Horse Springs and historic Bauer.
  12. 11-CCC Cabins - A short day trip up Toquop Wash from Mesquite to the Mormon Mountains and across "North Flats."
  13. 12-Savanic-Tassi - A long day to some of the most spectacular views in the whole riding area: Savannic Mine and Tassi Springs in "The Parashant."
  14. 13-Five Canyons Loop - A nostolgic ride back through five (or six) of our favorite canyons near Mesquite/Bunkerville Nevada.
  15. 14-Grand Gultch Mine - the hard way - A difficult, full days journey to a former very large mining site.
  16. Gold Butte-Bunkerville Proposed Wilderness Closures - A Google Earth overlay of the official BLM proposal graphic populated with publicly known landmarks and labels to make it understandable and easier to analyze.
  17. Riding Season 2012 -
  18. 01-Virgin River - A quick but beautiful and restful ride along the Virgin Riverbanks south of Mesquite.
  19. 02-Gold Butte Mines - A full day's ride down to historic Gold Butte and around the loop to the, also now historic, Treasure Hawk Mine.
  20. 03-Toquop Gap - A great day into the Tule Desert and Mormon Mountains from Mesquite through the Toquop Wash.
  21. 04-Black Warrior Mine - A short trip from Beaver Dam Nevada to visit the mountains and historic Black Warrior Mine area.
  22. 05-Carp-Caliente - A 258-mile offroad/backroad ride in a street-legal vehical to visit historic Carp, Elgin, Caliente and Pioche as well as Cathedral Gorge State Park.
  23. 06-Anniversary/Oar Car Mines - Colorful ride into the mountains near "Bowl of Fire" to historic mines.
  24. 07-Mesquite-Overton Loop - To Sugar's for Lunch. A yearly tradition of the Mesquite Kokopelli ATV club which runs along the Virgin River, across Mormon Mesa to Overton for lunch at Sugar's Diner then returns along the Old Spanish Trail.
  25. 08-Scanlon - Posting Soon.
  26. 09-East Pass - From Beaver Dam Arizona to the mountainous East Pass and return for a full day of desert, mountains and everything inbetween.
  27. 10-Mesquite-Bunkerville - A short "proof-of-concept" ride along a route described by a local as one that allows access to Bunkerville Flats directly from Mesquite without trailering.
  28. 11-Five Canyons - A great day spent surveying the riding area near Bunkerville and Mesquite with friends.
  29. 12-Mormon Mesa Point - From Mesquite to the south point of Mormon Mesa then across the mesa to the Spanish Trail and back.
  30. 13-Mormon Mesa-St. Thomas - A great family/friends day from Mesquite in street-legal vehicles to see vistas from Mormon Mesa over the Virgin River Valley and Gold Butte as well as historic St. Thomas.
  31. 14-Davidson's-Toquop Wash - A fairly easy, historic and scenic ride around the East Mormon Mountains in a full day on the desert.
  32. 15-21 Goats Petroglyphs-DD5 - A nostalgic look at the petroglyphs along the petroglyph trail which, but for Harry Reid and the Sierra Club, seniors used to be able to visit.
  33. 16-Radio Crystal-Helifino - An in depth wandering around previously visited lower Gold Butte sites to find things we'd missed previously.
  34. 17-Lower North Valley & Seeps - A "last ride of the season" across East Bunkerville Flats into "The Seeps" before turning into the Lower North Valley.
  35. 18-Red Hollow Arch - A map made especially for a reader who desired to ride from Beaver Dam Arizona to Red Hollow Arch Utah.
  36. 19-The "Old" Narrows - A day's journey around the Middle Gold Butte riding area plus "historical" trails through "the Narrows" and "Kurt's Grotto."

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