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Re: website difficulties

PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2011 5:58 pm
by TRacker
Fantastic! I am pretty much able to travel all the SUV trails which I have overlays (Google) for, so I can verify many of them, and add GPS points and pictures of POI on the trails. I will use the email address I received to communicate. Thanks vety much for contacting me. CUSoon.

Re: website difficulties

PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:08 pm
by dj
You bet - we always need "verifiers." The trails which have been painstakingly digitized from published maps are none-the-less not as accurate as those which have an actual GPS track. The trailhead for nearly all trails contain a descriptive box which not only gives names, duration etc. but a description of the "source" of the information. Those hand-drawn will say so, and there will be a further statement that "verification needed." Additionally, trails change from year to year with BLM closures, washouts and other natural phenomenon. If you can ride a trail exactly from point to point as given in the existing map - that makes it easy to substitute. If not, well, a little tweaking can usually replace the correct portion without too much difficulty - which we do on this end. I've given this info in an email this date as well. Unfortunately, this forum doesn't seem to have a "contact" page built in, so perhaps an easier way for direct email is to use the contact buttons on either the web site ( OR the blog:

In addition, we are always looking to enhance those maps which we already have with additional "side-trails," "alternate entrances and exits" and "new destinations." Just turn on your GPS during the ride and set waypoints at least for the start and the end as well as any other points of interest you see. Use the mapping software and cable that came with your GPS unit to extract the trail (or trails) and attach it to an email. Look at any of the trails on the maps that we already have to see the information that we need and include that in the email. We'll pretty much take care of the rest, although we may need to communicate back and forth a little to make sure information is correct.

website difficulties

PostPosted: Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:53 pm
by TRacker
Having just registered, this iisue may be premature, however, I have been using this site for some time and have been unable to contact dj, or any other author of this site. I desire to be a trail verifier for the southern Nevada trails. I live in Indian Springs, Nevada, and am retired. I have a '08 Jeep Rubicon that is pretty much stock, and I love back-roading in the desert. Your site (Offroading Home) asks for people to be trail verifiers, and then instructs us to "contact" you (or someone?). When I hit the Contact link, I am immediately redirected to There is no Contact page listed on your sitemap, so one is not able to "contact" anyone. Help?

My name is James More