Mesquite Mayor and Council: Public Meeting

Issues on the BLMs Gold Butte/Mesquite Plans

Mesquite Mayor and Council: Public Meeting

Postby dj » Thu Sep 23, 2010 12:50 pm

The land closure issue in Mesquite - is NOT a simple cut and dry BLM proceedure - it is/has been molested by the misguided greed and political posturing of many groups - not the least of which is her 'honor' the mayor's (Susan Holecheck) political posturing, trying to manipulate the BLM into giving the city more land for an airport (a pie in the sky dream which, thankfully, never happened). As her (and her council's) motives and methods became publicly known, citizens were outraged and (being a small city) very vocal. She/they attempted some "damage control" by putting the item on the "public comment" portion of their agenda. - Probably one of the most disgusting meetings I've ever attended. Held by the mayor (Susan Holecheck) and her council TOTALLY in order to do "damage control" with the citizens of the city who were enraged by the damage their short-sighted, greedy political posturing was doing. Completely a sham process designed to let citizens THINK they held any weight with the mayor and council - but with NO real outcome ever intended. (Read article). - More on the sham "public input" meeting held by the mayor.
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