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Postby dj » Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:27 am

Isn't there even one retired lawyer in Havasu who rides? This is the kind of stuff the ACLU and the press salivate over. Has anyone confronted Mr. McCoy about this?
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BLM Liars

Postby HoserRZR » Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:41 am

Dear fellow outdoor enthusiasts,

This past weekend the Sidewinders of Havasu, and Total Karnage Club of Las Vegas went out to try and map the red lines that are on the Propsed Closure map C. There were also many concerned citizens from the area that showed up with GPS' in hand to try and sort out what are essentially illegible maps. I drove around with my wife and chidren in tow for almost six hours on Saturday with the map we had created in Google Earth pointing the way. The map we made would allow some of the "red lines" from BLM's maps to be loaded into a GPS. There is just one problem with this, and it is that every GPS we had would only allow less than 100 tracks at a time. So we took a small section of only the red lines just East of the Highway in Standard Wash, and went out to find what they are closing. The closures in that area are almost all wide sandy washes. There were a couple that went over hills, and even some that rode off through the hills. The trails in the large sandy washes were what we were concerned with as they were wide enough for a fullsize truck, and accessed a large portion of land that would be all but inaccessible without them. The access alternative map D has these areas all open for that reason. What would the purpose be for closing all of this area? That area has the only trails in Standard wash for Quads, SideXsides, and Motorcycles to use where it is in a raised elevation with sights to see, away from crowded camping and parking areas. The area I am referring to is "Inset Map 5" on the Proposed map C. Closing that land would turn Standard wash into a wasteland in no time at all from over use. In my opinion in less than 5 years the BLM would have all the reason they need to close down the entire area from over use, if people were confined to such a small area.

As for our eperience with a BLM Ranger: Saturday evening around 8PM About 15 people were sitting around a fire pit talking about the day and what to do about the trails when a Ranger pulls up in an SUV. We could not see who he was till he had walked all the way into our camp near the firelight. We exchanged greetings, and then asked "what he wanted?" He said, "Oh nothing, I was just stopping by to see if you had heard anything about trails being closed in the area?" We answered with' "yes we have heard about it." The Ranger then says, "Well, I am just out letting everyone know that its no big deal, they are only closing like two trails." I then said, "Ohh, is that right?" While everyone else began asking him if he was serious, and who told him that, and what ever other questions they came up with in their total disbelief, I went and grabbed my laptop, and presented our BLM overlay map with only the red lines to this fine officer of the Bureau of land management. He was in total disbelief, and said, "What map is that? Thats not the right map, err thats not the map they showed me...." We then began to inform him of what was really going on, and he seemed very upset that he was sent out by the BLM officials to spread this propaganda. He swore that he had no idea they were closing down so much land, and said "he could never enforce all that". We had a lengthy discussion, and I do believe he genuinely felt bad for lying to all the people he had talked to up untill he met us, but you have to wonder how much apathy he created, and he is not the only Ranger, and there are a whole slew of BLM personell as well, possibly spreading the same propaganda as part of their daily encounters.

Think about how the BLM has done us ALL a total disservice. First they try and sneak a public hearing through in the middle of summer with an ambigous at best title and almost no press, after telling clubs earlier this year that they would wait untill November so that everyone could be there. As well they sent NO e-mails to their club or public contacts informing the Public about their Public input opportunity, on August 18th. They present large illegible maps with no refernce points, and a 30 day input period. The public and local gov't pressure for an extension, and force their hand to grant a 45 day extension for the public input period. They then hold other meetings quietly so that the public doesn't show up eg: Mohave county board of supervisors meeting in Kingman. They have a tedious and difficult input process for fighting for each individual trail, that seems like wasted effort, as there is no way of tracking results. They get on the radio weekly and tell the public its no big deal don't worry about it, and that "there are clubs spreading propaganda", so don't listen to them either. They have articles in the paper expressing the same thing. They tell everyone that they cannot enforce it, so don't worry about it. They are sending their officers out with a handshake and a smile to spread lies. The BLM has the gall to say WE are overreacting?

There are over 60 routes proposed closed in an existing riding area (Inset Map 5), while there are 10-15 to be left open. Thats in 16 square miles of a main OHV use area, and we are overreacting? Seriously?

This has to stop, public land needs to remain accessible to the public. They need to hear your voice!

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