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Simple Comment Technique - Form

Postby dj » Thu Sep 23, 2010 5:55 pm

The compiled Havasu Trail Closure map is located at: Lake Havasu Trail Closure Map which contains all proposed closures with their "official names" that you should use in your comment submission letter.

I'll tell you how easy it is: Click on either of these two links – STATE A SPECIFIC TRAIL NAME IN THE SUBJECT LINE Havasu E-mail or Myron McCoy E-mail and your browser should pop up a window with your email opened and address already filled in - (there is a 'blind copy' address to Offroading Home already filled in as well which you can delete if you don't want to share your comment with others.)

Then, simply: 1)- fill in the subject with the trail number (you got right off the map) that you are commenting on;
2) - Give your name and contact info - your email screen-name isn't enough, and they don't need to consider 'anonymous' comments;
3) - write a sentence about your last visit or how often you visit, number of people etc.;
4)- say you are concerned about the intended closure of specific trail -xxx-, because of -xxx-;
4a)- if you are a senior or handicapped, so state and reference how onerous this will be to you;
5)- urgently request that they reconsider their intended closure and leave it open to offroad vehicles (you can offer: subject to appropriate trail monitoring).

Then hit SEND – That's it! You can easily do that simple procedure for each of the trails you have ridden on which they intend to close, can't you? You've only got SEVEN DAYS to do it in (Sep only has 30 days).

[If you want even more help - there is a form (in Microsoft Word format) or (in Acrobat format) which you just need to click on and open; fill in the blanks; then attach into your email - it will have all the fields that the BLM would like you to include; but, they have said that they will accept ALL communications which are specific and from a verifiable source. ]

For those of you ex-government worker or ex-military types who realize that a 'paper trail' is what the government runs best on, you can also cut and paste your email into a printed letter and mail to:

Lake Havasu Field Office attn: Havasu Travel Management Plan
2610 Sweetwater Avenue
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406-9071


The deadline for submission of public comments that will be counted is OCT 31st - a rare extension granted by the BLM due to extreme public… let's say… "interest." In spite of that, however, there reportedly have been less public comments actually received, of what the BLM calls "substance," than what we would expect.

It's silly and unproductive to plaver on about "extension of deadline," or "how upset you are," or any "non-specific diatribe." The ONLY thing you need to do is STATE A TRAIL NAME, say HOW IT EFFECTS YOU and WHY (being a senior or handicapped helps to state)> then REQUEST THEY LEAVE IT OPEN TO VEHICLES! That's it! Asking them ANY other questions will not get you an answer; and referencing any other anger topic could get your letter 'coded' by the staff into a category which doesn't count toward keeping a trail open!

And remember, it's better (and easier) to submit a separate letter/email for each trail you are referencing - for example send 5 letters about 1 trail each instead of 1 letter about 5 trails. That way when the staff "codes" the responses, each piece gets it's own code rather than one single "general" code.
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