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Postby HoserRZR » Wed Sep 29, 2010 4:32 am

Some info:

In the Tonto National Forest Environmental Travel Management Plan they have a new designation.

Concentrated Use

An area that is very heavily used it is called " Concentrated Use"

I do not think it will apply to the large area around Havasu.
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Re: MAss Email

Postby HoserRZR » Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:59 am

I understand what you're saying but, as I've previously asked,...........
comments MUST be substansive. Pictures, no closures, etc do not meet
regulations. We MUST submit actual FACTS. Which trails specifically are up
for closures; is the most specific we have to identify.

You are absolutely correct in the facts of OHV giving them GPS coordinances
of their trails. Also mention the OHV Grant funding has PAID for huge
numbers of miles of route inventory..... of which Havasu used. (I'm still
working with the state office to determine how many of the routes were
actually completed by the official inventory). Your comment regarding the
HEAT is good....... PUSH IT. I understand the maps are awful but the
problem is regulations don't specify the usability of these maps so
officially BLM can get away with poor maps. WE CAN PUSH THIS ISSUE HOWEVER.

Once you are able to identify the closed routes you can demand
REASONS......... BLM must have a reason. Most will be BS reasons such as:
too many; too difficult; stem routes/dead end; too close to wilderness or
access to wilderness. Maybe on leased ranching lands or some threatened or
endangered species. DEMAND THE CLOSURE REASON and go from there.

I will be in touch regarding the maps as soon as possible but in the
meantime you need to meet up with those that might know the trails in
question and get some facts.
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Re: MAss Email

Postby HoserRZR » Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:58 am

Thanks for the info,
Shane Miller 4x4 club in this area called too. I sent info and comment to Shane and was looking for locals that could tell me which numbered routes they use and for what use .......MC or ATV or 4x4 or all.
This will force the BLM to address specific routes we want to keep...........can you supply that info?
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Re: MAss Email

Postby HoserRZR » Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:57 am

Here is your problem. You guys do not seem to be organized and are not familiar with the procedure. It is apparent that people are in crisis mode. You need to be proactive and not reactive and speak with one voice not several.

The comment period was already extended, they are not going to extend it again, yet you link to the Pirate 4x4 board asking for urgent action to requrest an extension to the comment period. This will do you NO good.

Does your club belong to the AZ State Assn of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs ? I understand that they have become involved in this and our club has confidence in their ability to ask us to do what is necessary. They have been instrumental in the past in saving our trails in Maricopa County and surrounding areas from closure.

I don't think your talking points are going to get you anywhere. I have seen numerous proposed plans and they are all the same when it comes to maps and such. I have gotten more maps and plans in the mail and more mail from the FS and BLM from all over the state than I do junk mail. I have written scores of letters, all of them personal and not form letters. They count form letters as one letter so to send out 1000 of them does you absolutely no good. They will send out letters to those who send comments but they will disqualify those who they feel are bogus (thinking about your request to send several with different personal information). Bogus letters make us look bad. To tell them that it is too hot for you to go out and inventory the trails gives them the wrong impression and might lead them to believe that it is not important enough to you (I know lots of guys that wheel in the summer heat).

Contact Sandee McCullen for help, she is the EXPERT and has been involved in many land battles and won. She is the a director in the State Assn. She can help you with what you need to do to have effect and impact.

Best of luck.
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Re: MAss Email

Postby HoserRZR » Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:57 am

BLM Travel ManagementHavasu

I just finished evaluating Aravaipa Ecological management Plan, Worked on changing several important issues for Tonto National Forest, Moab Travel management Plan and am working on Wickenburg 50 year planning.

I have written EIS for several projects.

I have ridden my ATV to Swansea, Mineral wash, The Bar, Planet Ranch, Alamo Lake, and other trails, so I am familiar with some of the area.

I cannot read the maps provided for Havasu BLM Planning Maps that are on the computer.

Some hints:
Try to work with them
Find loop trails you ride and make sure the loop is on the map.
If there are several trails to the same destination, they will close some, it is OK.
What they are doing is not that bad,even though you may lose a trail.
Keep the race trail open.
Keep trails open for UTV's and Jeeps.
They are going to put in staging areas and Rest Rooms.
They are going to control trash, unless you do.
You will lose some freedoms.
They have to plan for Off Road activities.
They have to protect wildlife habitat somewhere, just so it is not a wilderness.
They have to do some habitat restoration. Just so it is not everywhere.
They will use fences or logs or rocks to mark trails.
Don't forget there are deep pocket people that want to stop everything you do Off Road.




If I could see a set of maps I would gladly evaluate and make recommendations.
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HoserRZR's Mass Emails

Postby HoserRZR » Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:54 am

I have compiled a bunch of emails for OHVers and OHV clubs and sent out a mass email. Below is the message I sent out. Some people replied to the email. The following replies will be the replies I received. I have not asked if I could publish the replies so have left out the authors info.

The BLM is trying to pull a fast one on us OHVers and they want to close some trails in the Lake Havasu area, right now their is a comment period, I need as many people to go and make a comment as possible, whats real important is the comment you send to them can NOT BE a cut and paste form letter it needs to be something different in your own words, if its a cut and paste they just put them in a special file and never read them, basically its a waste of time, they HAVE TO REPLY TO EVERY EMAIL THEY GET excluding a cut and paste letter.

Read the long story before you send the letter if you can please

Go here to send them a letter. http://www.pirate4x4.com/letters/

Please read the instructions and fill it out carefully.

Some of the talking points are.

The maps that the BLM provided are to poor quality for me to use to go verify the trails they want to close.

Their is NO latitude or Longitude lines on the maps, how are you suppose to use them?

For YEARS the local OHV clubs has been giving the BLM office their GPS files (helping them map all the files now their using that data to close our trails) where are these files why are they not available for download so you can use them in your GPS to verify trails.

Its been too HOT (over a 100 degrees their each day) to verify trails we need more comment time so the trails can be reviewed. (The BLM advises everybody to avoid the desert in the summer months now they set the comment period when its 100+ each day) [/b]

Add anything else you can think of.

Here are the 4 maps they BLM has issued for review you can download them and view them.
http://www.blm.gov/az/st/en/prog/travel ... l#alt_maps

Ok now for the long story, I dont think anybody here except for me has probably ever rode this area, let me tell you if you had you will promptly go send that letter, you might even send more than one letter using different personal info.

TRUST ME this is one of the BEST riding areas I have ever rode, those that know me I have rode all over this great country so have an idea of whats good and whats not, I am going back to ride this areas soon as weather permits, I would be their today if it was not 100 degrees.

Part of the long story is here http://www.rzrforums.net/public-lands-a ... nning.html
That link fills you in on the basic details.

More of the story is here it gives you more of the juicy details of how the BLM is screwing us, I just found this thread today.

More about the area your trying to save, here are some of the pictures I took while riding in the area. http://www.pilotodyssey.com/cpg/thumbnails.php?album=56" Like most pictures they just dont do justice to the area, you like to go on a 110 mile ride and never see the same trail you can do this here, many times I drove 50+ miles away from the POS bus before turning back, their is hundreds and hundreds of miles of trails to ride, from rough to smooth as a baby's ass, you could easily have a POOA Pilot Odyssey race and map out a several hundred miles trail for us to race on, SUPER Pilot Odyssey Jambo.

Its BLM land, pull off the hwy park and camp for FREE! You could easily spend 3 weeks in this area (Rt 40 south to Parker Az) riding and NEVER get bored.

Here is the pictures from the Parker area this is just 20 miles south of the Lake Havasu area http://www.pilotodyssey.com/cpg/thumbnails.php?album=54"
http://offroadinghome.blogspot.com/2010 ... sures.html

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