Tribute to Utah

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Tribute to Utah

Postby dj » Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:45 pm

Having lived in several areas of California, I am well acquainted with the vagaries of "riding the waves" or "surfing" as they call it. A bit similar to snow skiing for me, surfing is called "volitional" by most people; but, I swear that the very last actual "choice" you make is to flop yourself down on the board and start paddling toward Hawaii. From that point on much more happens "TO" you than "BECAUSE OF" you until your deluged body spews out sodden and trembling upon the turf.

Similarly, my experience with skiing is indistinguishably congruent, except for the sole proviso that it doesn't start at sea level. They used to call it: "Snow surfing," so I wasn't much surprised to experience that the activities, skills required and outcomes were pretty much identical. AND, after this past week, I now also much better understand why they call purusing the Internet – SURFING THE NET.

The odyssey began simply enough with me "Googling" – Utah, merely to see if anyone else had written a blog about the state recently. There were 90 MILLION one hundred thousand results. So large that Google had to add the disclaimer "about." For grins, I thought I'd like to see the last item on the list, but as it turns out Google won't do that. There is no "last" button, and when you try to do it manually, by clicking from page to page, it stops at about 700.

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