Lake Bonneville and the Great Salt Lake

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Lake Bonneville and the Great Salt Lake

Postby dj » Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:47 am

Since the advent of computers I must admit that one of my former favorite hobbies (reading books) has gotten the short end of the stick. I mean, once Wozniak came of age I began finding myself more and more often startled by the 2 am hour while sitting at the keyboard than in the recliner with books like "Hawaii," "Space," "Alaska" and "Mexico."

Ahhh… Michner… now there was an obsessive/compulsive after my own heart. When he would write a book about an area he would begin with one asteroid hitting another and forming, what else… the earth. Then, he would touch on nearly everything in-between like a part of that collision eventually making its way to the gaping maw of a super-giant black hole and succumbing to its gravity; but, not before giving up a tiny gamma ray particle, blasting back in the direction it had come at the moment it was being torn asunder. Me… I just want to tell you about a female trout in labor far up an isolated arm of a world which seemed to consist mostly of water.

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