Possible extraction errors

Here are correspondence regarding the BLMs production of maps and updates.

Re: Possible extraction errors

Postby HoserRZR » Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:45 am

Is their a way to put the BLM boundary on the google earth files so we know exactly where the boundary's are when look at the maps?

ED note: The boundary has been received from the BLM's IT department and is now included on the map whose coordinates are give above.
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Possible extraction errors

Postby dj » Sat Sep 18, 2010 4:55 pm

After the receipt of the new trails for areas NOT under BLM control so gratiously sent by Ms Barnes of the IT department, a reader pointed out some descrepancies which I've written to the BLM for clarification.
Thank you so much for your help with all these trail maps - above and beyond the call of duty.

I was able to combine both of the sets of trails (BLM managed and NON-BLM managed) into one kml file which I have posted on my blog for free.

I do notice one thing which would, perhaps, make it a bit easier to understand. Do you have an "area" polygon for the entire TMP? The reason I ask is that, when you look at the trails in the file, there are still small trail segments slotted for closure, which go between two clearly marked "Open" trails. AND, there doesn't seem to be any trails listed (either BLM or NON-BLM) in a large area south of what you have marked as the "OHV AREA" - except one lone non- BLM trail in the middle without any way to get to it.

Just how far south does the TMP plan area go? Could there have been some trails missed?

Look at HN099 - a trail segment slotted for closure but it's between a trail listed as open and a NON-BLM managed trail. And it's in a wash to boot. I realize that you aren't the one to discuss closure rationale with, that would be Mr. McCoy, but I'm just asking about the veracity of the trail map segment - could that be correct?

HN582 and HN483 are even more perplexing. They are short segments running down a wash but only connecting to a trail shown as something that the BLM doesn't manage! And, HN484 runs down a wash from an open BLM trail into an area without trails; except that HN495 runs into that same area and is listed for BLM management - so the area must be in the TMP except that there are no trails given for it (open or closed).

From you, I'm just wondering if there haven't been some trails missed in the extraction - which I guess could easily happen; or, if these are deliberate but just something that I'm not quite understanding yet.

Thanks for your willingness to help us understand what we are "commenting" on. Once you've had a chance to respond about the TMP boundary and possible extraction errors; perhaps you would be so kind as to forward this on to Mr. McCoy for response about the closure rationale for these specific trials mentioned.
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