Trail HN760

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Re: Trail HN760

Postby dj » Sun Nov 21, 2010 5:33 pm

This is a common occurance nearly everywhere there is an intended TMP in the works. I still get that on Gold Butte after thousands of newspaper articles and even being political campaign issues. The way I handle it is to print out and carry a copy of the BLMs intended closure map. (I'm suprised that you didn't have one with you, or I would assume that there would have been no "laughing.")

I also carry a printed copy of a submission form - which I pre-fill with the BLM address - and sometimes even sit and wait while they fill them out (don't forget to bring extra pens) offering to put postage on them and mail it for them.

[If you actually rode the trail - I sure wish you would take the time to write a paragraph about WHERE THE TRAIL GOES AND WHAT THERE IS TO SEE ON IT! How else will what you write be useful to others who want to actually help solve this problem by sending in a public comment to the BLM?]
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Trail HN760

Postby HoserRZR » Sat Nov 20, 2010 6:14 pm

Here is a picture of trail HN760 I have camped here 3 times in the past, when I took the pic I counted 14 campers wont they be surprised when they come back next year and find no motorized access signs.

With off roading and camping on the rise each year why would they close a camp grounds?

Talked to TWO old timers they have been camping here every year for more than 10 years now, of course they laughed at me when I told them about the closure since they personally know the BLM guy that comes around he has mention nothing about closure to them, the one guy did say he heard something on the radio about land closure but didnt catch the details, they laughed again when I told them to go down to the BLM office and ask Myron McCoy if this "trail" is on his closure list.
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