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Postby dj » Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:13 pm

Thank you for visiting the Offroading Home Forum

Over the past few years I have had several requests for the creation of a forum for users to communicate with each other; but, the benefit hasn't seemed to outweigh the effort -- until now. Hence, this new 'watering hole' -- of sorts to share ideas and solutions to issues.

Specifically, it is the lack of a place to inform offroaders about issues which are developing and a 'repository' to share ideas, which has prompted this boards creation now. As I see it the prime use of this space is to make it easier for Offroaders to 'take back' a bit of momentum we seem to have given to the 'dirt worshipers' and politicians who are expelling riders and seniors from public lands all over the country.

Posts can only be made by registered users. Registering is an easy process, even for those who have never done it before. All information is kept strictly confidential and only used where needed to administer the board. [Newly registered users are noted and given extra help when needed as they make their first posts, etc.] You may edit your own posts after they are posted, and posts must adhere to Offroading Home standards [flames, tirades and those for money gathering purposes will be deleted.] Here are some suggestions:

Notification of ACTION AREAS: As this is written, Offroading Home knows about efforts in Utah, Nevada and Arizona (Gold Butte and Havasu) where battles are being fought against militant environmental groups and government 'oversight' agencies. There are undoubtedly more - post them here for others to see and join in.

Listing of ACTION GROUPS: Offroaders in some of the 'battles' being waged above, have formed 'Action Groups' to consolidate their efforts. Descriptions of the group and it's contact points can be posted here for others to follow. [Please note that moderators have been instructed to delete commercial and other money gathering links]

Sharing of INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS AND CONCERNS: This would be the place to attach your personal letter to the BLM for others to see not only amplifying it's visibility and accountability; but also to give others ideas for their own letters to write. Many eyes on an issue can find items otherwise missed and after awhile a complete list of all the issues can be formulated.

Discussion about trails on Offroading Home Maps: Offroading Home was begun because I was dissapointed and disallusioned by the slew of money making blog/forum sites available which promised everything and give only un-formatted, un-verified and in-accurate trail downloads in mostly un-usable formats. Discussion about your experience on a trail will help others who might want to follow in your foot-steps; and, as the forum grows, trail condition 'updates' can be posted here.

And, of course,

SUGGESTIONS and REQUESTS: If you explore into an area and want to send in your GPS tracks or maps that you used on your ride -- we greatfully accept all donations of source material! [This forum is moderated by administrators who will assist in submission of GPS and other trail data].

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