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To aid in a small amount of formatting of your posts - Offroading Home has installed a few [BBCodes] which you may use while you are writing your posts. For those of you who may be new to this concept - it is really very simple.

Type your post as you normally would right up until you want to do something unusal with the way your text will appear on the post. Then you will merely type in TWO BBCodes surrounded by square brackets with your formatted text in the middle. That's all there is to it!

The "tags" which you are surrounding your text with do double duty: they inform your browser WHAT type of format you want it to use; and, WHERE your desired text begins and ends. Tags always have the same format [open] and [/open] - notice I didn't say "close." The closing tag is always identical to the open tag except with a "/" in front of it.

So, let's show you an example. I'm going to type: [*tag*]Centered Text [/*tag*] where "*tag*" is replaced by the word "center" (no quotes, no extra spaces and all lower case). I will actually see the open and close center tags when I type; BUT, when you read this you will only see:

Centered Text

in the middle of your screen. Nifty huh?

To help you out - when you are using the "full editor" to enter a post - there are buttons along the top which will enter the tags for you merely by pressing on them. Next time you are posting in a forum, look up at the top and see all that are available. I'll list them here so you can have an idea how you can embellish your posts - notice there are NO flash codes AND NONE of those absurd SMILEY FACES!

BBCodes you can use in this blog are:

b = bold;
i = italics;
u = underline;
quote = a string of text which is quoted from somewhere else;
code = a string of programming text which is not to be 'parsed' and should appear exactly how you type it;
list = This opens and closes an un-ordered list (ie one without numbers). This BBCode must be used with the "List Item" tag - [ asterisk ]- in between them, for each of the items in your list;
* = This is the "list item" tag which is used to surround every item in your list - either the un-orderd list (above) or the ordered list (below);
list= = This opens and closes an ordered list (ie one with numbers). It must be used with the "list item" tag - [ asterisk ] - in between them, for each of the items in your list;
img = This allows you to enter the url to an image and have it appear in your post, it must be typed in its entirety including the "http://" and you must have it stored somewhere on your own web site;
URL = This allows you to enter a URL (same as a 'link' in other programs), it must be typed in it's entirety including the "http://";
center = We've already explained;
left = This left-aligns the text in between - ie like in postal addresses;
right = This right-aligns text;
s = This causes text to be super-scripted (ie slightly above the base line);
sub = This causes text to be sub-scripted (ie slightly below the base line);
googlevideo = This inserts a Googlevideo clip into your post. The text inside the code must be the Googlevideo ID number an 18 digit number found after "docid=" in the URL to the video.

As a final caveat - we have taken great pains to try and make this blog simple and readable. The overuse of any of the above codes can cause un-necessary distraction instead of enhancement to a users experience so will be moderated and removed if they get out of control. Therefore, spend your time in writing a clear, concise and timely post and only use these codes when doing do will actually enhance the way readers will be able to understand your words.
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