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About The Site

In A Nutshell: Dad (then 90) Mom and I snowbird to Southern Utah/Mesquite Area in the winter for their health, and I had ATVs. We began exploring and after success in locating and discovering native American rock art developed an obsession of sorts. Of course I keep GPS tracks and notes which, on occasion, I shared with a couple of friends—who, as it turned out, had a lot more other friends than just me. Soon I began receiving requests for information AND at the same time my notebooks with dates, impressions and other data begin getting out of hand. Recording our visits in Blogger was entirely my way of keeping a personal journal until on one single occasion I merely told one friend the url into a page of a trip we had just taken. That's it. One time, one person.

That same week Blogger sent me a report that my page had ONE HUNDRED visitors! And, it dawned on me that friends can't be trusted to keep their mouths shut and that I can't really expect something I publish (even personal) to the web to be considered private. A big eye opener; which, after some turmoil, I decided to come to grips with and embrace. After all, it would save me from needing to continually make disk copies of routes and print ride summaries for people. Hence Offroading Home was born.

The impetus to keep churning out the pages came from being completely incensed by the avarice rampant on the web and ulterior motives that breed scams and out and out lies. For example, look at any so-called "map site" and you've got to "register" giving them all your personal data as well as submit to being baited with only portions of what you really need into purchasing the "real map" that they've promo'd at you for 4 or 5 clicks through their site. Additionally, look at where they get the maps that THEY TURN AROUND AND WANT YOU TO PAY FOR. "Members" do all the work and they make money off it with little to no value added! And to add insult to injury, I ran across a "big three" collection of rock art sites covering the Mesquite area which were out and out lies! I communicated with the owner of one of them who patronizingly admitted that he and his friends deliberately were trying to keep people from going there! No kidding! It never dawned on him that an even better way of keeping it secret was to: KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT! The real reason they did it was pure and simply the childish attitude of "look what I've got that you can't have."

As much as anything, Offroading Home is a simple reaction to those three dishonest prigs. I published everything that I had, and gave maps to boot. I made it a point to actually "find" everything they had on their site and publish the truth about them. Even the name Offroading Home was a complete unintentional serendipity. Back in the day I used ATT for internet service provider and for my email accounts. You remember that their gimmick was calling your online presence "Home" and used as their container for all their personal accounts - I set one up as Offroading.Home.ATT.Net. Get it? Then ATT and I had a falling out and blogger began to fill the role. I merely got rid of "" and changed to ""

About The Author

I'm a Pediatrician and sufficeth it to say that "offroading" is an avocation to me and leave it at that. I'm into native American rock art and have read extensively about the stuff, as you have seen if you've spent any time at all with my blog and maps.

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Well… that's what the "contact" button is for, up there at the top of the page! However, therein is another tale. As you can imagine, my "transparency" has garnered no small amount of angst from the tree-huggers, "fiends of Gold Butte" and Sierra Clubbers who spent lots of their hard-donated money in "buying" a critically-positioned legislator who could fairly easily push the BLM into closing about any area they wanted to keep for their elitist desires. What started as a difference of opinion escalated into a very personal affront when they began discriminating against seniors (which at the time I wasn't but now am).

The amount of garbage spam escalated to the point that there was no point keeping the sluice open for them to muck-up—and I closed the open email down. None-the-less, the blog is still open and you can contact me through those posts and comments. In addition Google (so far) has done a pretty good job of letting me filter out the back-water scum from polluting the comments. That said - for those still reading - I still have a mail portal @ djmed dot net where the address is the three letter abbreviation of Off Roading Home (i.e. before the @ sign). Hope that helps.